EventsDLR spin-off Lumoview takes off with innovative measurement technology for building measurement and energetic building analysis Jan 11, 2022

Cologne, January 31, 2020.  DLR spin-off Lumoview Building Analytics receives the Horst Rauck Founder's Prize. With the help of Lumoview's innovative measurement technology, buildings can be surveyed quickly, easily and efficiently and thus, for example, improve the planning of renovation measures. The Horst Rauck Founder's Prize is awarded by the Society of Friends of DLR and honors promising DLR start-ups.

Focus areas: Energy, energy efficiency, business startups

The heating of buildings is responsible for around one third of the CO2 emissions in Germany. The energetic renovation of buildings, for example through better insulation, can make a decisive contribution to saving carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide. In order to better plan and better plan and carry out renovation measures, scientists from the Institute of Solar Research of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have developed a measuring system that can be used to measure buildings and detect weak points in the thermal insulation - quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The innovative measuring system is also the technological core of the company founded out of DLR.

Behind the company, which was launched in February 2019 and is headquartered in Cologne, are the founders and DLR employees Dr. Silvan Siegrist Silvan Siegrist, Dr. Arne Tiddens and Prof. Bernhard Hoffschmidt. With a small team of currently seven people, the founding trio develops and markets the measurement system they invented and offers measurement systems and building measurement and energy as a service. Customers do not have to buy the device, but pay a service fee.

Lumoview: Winner of the Horst Rauck Founder Award

Innovative thinking, entrepreneurial action and a willingness to take risks in the marketing of new business ideas pays off, as shown by the award of the Horst Rauck with the Horst Rauck Founder's Award. The trio of founders received the €3,000 prize awarded by the Society of Friends of the Friends of DLR on January 30, 2020, at DLR's New Year's reception in Berlin. The award was presented for the second time and commemorates the late former chairman of the Society of Friends of DLR Horst Rauck.

Success factors: easy handling and fast results

The measurement technology behind Lumoview was developed as part of an innovation project funded by the German government. Among other things, the measurement system consists of a spherical panorama camera and a newly developed 360-degree infrared camera system for which a patent application has been filed. Software generates two- and three-dimensional models of the building and combines the images from the visible and infrared spectra into a single view. This gives users a panoramic image of the building with a representation of its thermal properties. These images can be used, for example, to calculate wall temperature and wall humidity. Compared to previously used methods, the Lumoview system can be used particularly quickly, easily and without training and delivers results within a few minutes. Users can see at a glance where exterior walls lose the most heat or whether there are damp spots on the walls. The evaluations are carried out by cloud-based software.