We empower the real estate industry to become CO2-neutral

Climate Problem:

Heating and cooling of buildings emit significant greenhouse gas emissions. Energy-efficient refurbishments may reduce these emissions. Today, such refurbishments need a complicated, time-consuming, and costly manual energy consultancy that often prevents owners from energy-efficient refurbishing.


Lumoview enables building owners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by empowering them to optimize the operation of their buildings and to perform energy-efficient refurbishments. This is achieved by lowering the hurdle for energy-efficient refurbishments by Lumoview's convenient and economical service.

Lumoview offers a super-fast measurement and automated analysis for assessing extisting buildings. Thanks to this service, building owners can digitize and analyze their buildings at much higher speed and lower costs. This lowers the barrier for energy efficiency analyses in the real estate sector and empowers building owners and managers to increase the energy efficiency of their building portfolio. Knowing that roughly 40% of the worldwide greenhouse gases are caused by buildings, this unlocks an enormous potential to get on track for the Paris Agreement.

Scale of climate problem:

30 % of the total greenhouse gas emissions in Germany are related to heating and cooling of buildings, according to the German Environment Agency (UBA) in 2015. Per year, this results in an emission of 270 million tons on CO2 equivalent in Germany alone. Through Lumoview's service, CO2 savings of roughly 35 kg per analyzed square meter of floor area and year after refurbishment can be achieved. 1.9 billion m² are to be refurbished in German residential buildings alone.


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We embrace multiculturalism and include gratitude, love and kindness into our daily work.

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Think. Do. Learn. Repeat.

We believe it is better to take a false decision than no decision. Therefore, for us failure is a success from which we can learn.

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We live sustainability and advance the sustainable development goals in our goals.

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We reduce bureaucracy wherever possible and encourage automation.


Our company is a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and provides the technology for super-fast digitization of buildings from the inside to empower owners and administrators to manage their buildings digitally and optimize the energy efficiency of them. Lumoview digitizes buildings from the inside through a measurement that takes only 2 seconds per room. The company was incorporated in February 2019 and has its seat in Cologne, Germany. Today, the team consists of 17 motivated people.


The milestones of our company.

05.2021 - Won the ABE_Award 2020

12.2020 - Won the 2nd place of the KUER NRW

11.2020 - Founders' Award Wirtschaftsjunioren

06.2020 - Startup Award Wohnzukunftstag

03.2020 - Automatic 3D room reconstruction

02.2020 - digitalBAU Startup Award winner

02.2020 - 2 seconds per room measurement

12.2019 - Horst Rauck Founders' Award

03.2019 - Company registration date

02.2019 - Incorporation date


We're on a mission to take the complicated building analysis and make it incredibly fast and easy-to-use. Sounds like a fun challenge?