press releasesResearch project for the automated creation of quantity structures granted May 11, 2022

Research project "Automated creation of quantity structures from 3D building models in the cloud as an enabler for energy-related building modernizations - AutoM3D".

Lumoview's technology is the fastest and easiest solution for capturing building data. So far, Lumoview's measurement system is able to geometrically measure a room in just 2 seconds without the help of experts, recording visual and infrared data, air properties, distance information, as well as information about the position of the sensor inside the room. In addition to these data, the quantity structure of a building is an important tool for building owners to estimate renovation efforts and costs.

Within the research project "AutoM3D", a software tool will be developed for the first time that enables building owners to determine the quantity structure of a building in a highly automated way. Machine learning will be used to detect the number and area of significant elements inside the building and to document them in a quantity structure. In addition, a platform is to be developed in this project that will make it possible to estimate possible renovation costs on the basis of this quantity structure, which will enable owners to estimate energy-related renovation costs more quickly. This will be an important part for achieving a green building stock in NRW.

The project duration is 1-year (01.03.2022 - 28.02.2023) and it is funded by the European Union as part of the Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.